Women in business

The Annual Leadership Meeting

17 and 18 June 2019

The AFRICA CEO FORUM organizes the Women in Business Annual Leadership Meeting  on 17 and 18 June 2019 in Paris. This event will gather 250 of the African private sector’s most influential women, with three objectives:
– Promote female leadership issues in the business world and help address the continent’s economic and social challenges
– Prepare women for leadership and governance through high-level training courses and exposure to some of the most inspiring global role models
– Facilitate business meetings and network development

Female leaders must seize opportunities to grow their networks and collaboration opportunities with other leaders across the African region.

Toyin Sanni Group Chief Executive Officer, United Capital

Even if we’re constantly on the go, it’s essential to know how to take the time to look at our habits, to constructively call ourselves into question, and identify our strengths as well as those areas in which we need to improve to more widely exert the influence of our leadership.

Janine Kacou Diagou Managing Director, NSIA

Women’s networks are not only about business ties; they are what gives the woman the anchor to be an impactful leader. A woman is defined by the strength of her relationships and not her position.

Carole Kariuki Chief Executive Officer, KEPSA

In 2100, Africa will represent 40% of the world’s population. Without the participation or effective contribution of women, the continent’s economic development will be compromised. African women are the future of Africa.

Fathia Bennis Chief Executive Officer, Maroclear


The programme is structured around three main themes.

High-level personal development

Ten workshops led by experts will enable women in senior positions to gain in-depth knowledge of the tools that can enrich their daily lives as female leaders. The topics to be covered include governance, professional transition, and communication.

Advancing female leadership in business

Debates, testimonies and plenary sessions provide a quality platform for thinking about ways to enhance gender equality at every level in Africa’s private sector. Among the issues to be discussed: training the next generation of women leaders, feminizing the boardroom, and engaging the business community around female leadership.

Consolidating the Women in Business Network

Through working groups, presentations and round table debates, members of the Women in Business Network will take stock of the past year's actions and prepare for those to come. The sessions will include reports on regional initiatives, inter-regional meetings, and voting on the main lines of action for the coming year. Find out more about the Women in Business Network.

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